Biden’s Press Conference, the Day After


KEN: A Joe Biden montage. What do you say? Hit it.


BIDEN: In 2019 before the pandemic, in the Trump administration… Trump, because he was a nice guy, and he was doing good things at the border. What did Trump do? He eliminated that funding… he didn’t use it… that Trump dismantled. No previous administration did that either except Trump… That agreement that was made by President Trump…

KRISTEN WELKER: Did you move too quickly to roll back executive orders by your predecessor?

BIDEN: Make no apologies… Before Trump became President.

CECILIA VEGA: As your predecessor did by this time?

BIDEN: Huh, my predecessor needed to.. my predecessor, Oh, god I miss him.

KAITLAN COLLINS: And do you believe you’ll be running against Former President Trump?

BIDEN: Oh, come on! I don’t even think about it! I have no idea. Did you hear them complain when they passed a nearly $2 trillion Trump tax cut?


KEN: Oh, my goodness. Now, welcome back to Open Line Friday. Thanks for all the wonderful calls and comments; thank you again to Kathryn. That was very exciting hearing all the American businesspeople. Both my parents owned their own businesses. And it was just great hearing those stories. And, yes, we’re going to do it again.

Regarding Mr. Biden from yesterday, here’s one of the biggest breaking stories, and the news media has been doing such a wonderful job. Think about what they have accomplished in the last decade, but especially in the last few years. They have done such a great job coddling communists, covering for Biden, Obama, Clinton.

You know the list. You know the list of people that can do no wrong until they step on someone else’s toes, like Cuomo. Cuomo could do no wrong. They were proposing to women. When he was on The View, people were calling, “Oh, my God. He’s single.” Yeah, but his decisions are killing people. “But he’s single, and he’s the governor.”

Yeah, but now eight women disagree with that. So, other than Cuomo, it seems like the FBI and the news media and the DOJ and the news media and the DHS and the news media just keep covering and covering and covering. So you may or may not be hearing this for the first time. This is now got multiple confirmations.

You know, Gregg Jarrett is another great journalist — actually you’ve heard Gregg Jarrett on this show. Rush has had him on a couple times. He’s written some great books. I’m a fan of Gregg. He’s a Fox News contributor and an author and an attorney, and he was one of the people that shared this report.

The Secret Service intervened in Hunter Biden’s 2018 gun incident. Now, if you’re not hearing this, you might be saying,”You know, I was just at the airport and I didn’t see anything about that on CNN.” That’s ’cause their job is to cover. Not cover the story, to cover up. But here’s another reason and another way that Joe Biden and his family have compromised this family and possibly you or me even more.

Hunter and daughter-in-law Hallie were involved in a very bizarre incident in which Hallie took an illegally purchased gun of Hunter Biden… Now, for people who don’t know, Hunter Biden is Joe Biden’s son. He’s the crack pipe in the rent-a-car guy. Okay? The China guy. The quid pro quo guy.

Just to be clear, ’cause a lot of people aren’t familiar with the Bidens other than, “Oh, my God. They’re such a lovely family. Let’s elect them.” So she took Hunter Biden’s illegally purchased gun and threw it in a trash can behind a grocery store near a high school, where it disappeared. But don’t worry. The Secret Service came in and covered up. They played stupid.

The gist of it was this. And we’ll drill deeper into it because it is Open Line Friday. 800-282-2882. This is a story… I was thinking back. Do you remember Dallas? You remember Dallas, and there was J.R., and, “Who shot J.R.?” and then there was Bobby, Bobby and Billy Sue and Sally Sue and Suie Sue, whatever. It just reminded me of a Dallas plot.

You have Hunter, who was using drugs at the time and an admitted addict who was just kicked out of the Navy Reserve. In 2018, he went and purchased a gun, lied on the federal form. I know the form because I used to sell guns, legally, and it asked you right on there about your drugs.

So he lied, and then Hallie, the widow of his brother — you know, who Hunter ended up dating, she became suspicious and said. Oh, my God. So this… Again, this plays like a network miniseries from the eighties. She goes, “By the way, I found that gun in your car I put it in a plastic bag and threw it out,” and then the son of Joe Biden… This is just three years ago, in 2018.

It’s all in the report. He said, “What? We gotta go back to that trash can and get that gun.” Well, it was gone, but more importantly, the Secret Service showed up and said to the owner of the store, “Hey, we need all the paperwork involving the sale,” and the owner of the store, being a smart guy because small business owners are smart people…

You know what he said to the Secret Service? “No.” And then Gregg Jarrett got a hold of it. So I’m just wondering how is the news media going to continue to make excuses for that press conference yesterday (which was more entertaining than an SNL sketch) and cover Hunter Biden’s China stuff, his hard drive, and now the old gun in the trash can purchased illegally trick.


KEN: And I was talking about, you know — and it is sad. There is a sadness right now about Joe Biden, and I was talking about this with the staff, who’s still ordering pies and wood and shutting down websites, I’m sure, with the rest of you. But, anyway — in a good way, in a good way. And I said, “It’s almost sad. You watch the Joe Biden press conference, and part of you is laughing like, ‘Oh, my God. How did that guy even get into the Oval Office?’

“And then it hits you. ‘Oh, my God. That guy got into the Oval Office at the same time.’ But at first, it’s like — and then you’re like — ‘Well, wait a minute. He can order the Marines someplace without even talking to Congress?’” Do you know the power of that? Do you know the power to pick up the special phone which he probably lost already) and say, “Yeah, we need to move those Marines now, Corn Pop. Over? Corn Pop.”

That’s scary. And then the sadness continues because obviously his son — and there are family issues. Everybody has family issues. That’s never been the issue with Joe Biden, even though that’s another card that the Democrats love to play. They always like to play that. “You know, hey, Joe Biden’s son while he was vice president, you know, got caught doing this and got caught doing that and set up meetings and used this and did that.”

And then Joe Biden’s son has a crack pipe, it’s a Hertz rent-a-car, and he had his brother’s ID in there. Woo. “Don’t you pick on Joe Biden’s son.” We’re not picking on anybody’s son. We’re trying to explain that this makes someone compromised. So we have a guy who four of my doctor friends believe he has dementia, and his son obviously has a substance abuse issue.

Now in the middle of one of the most heated gun debates as the Democrat milk the latest carnage, refusing to talk about a Syrian-born killer who hated America, paid tribute to ISIS, hated Trump, and shot 10 white people in a grocery store earlier this week. The media leaves that out ’cause that’s their job. Their job is to cover.

Not to cover the news. It’s to cover for somebody. That’s what the mainstream media does. Now we have a situation where Hunter and the daughter-in-law, which he ended up dating, concealed an illegally purchased gun. And then it got lost. God knows where it ended up. That is a… I gotta tell you, as a legal gun owner and instructor, that is my worst nightmare, losing a gun.

That is my worst nightmare because my first thing would be, “Oh, my God. What will happen if the wrong person gets a hold of that?” Anyway, to make a long story short, Secret Service to the rescue. But let me just get this right. The Secret Service didn’t tell us about this for three years, just like the FBI didn’t tell us about the Seth Rich computer.

They didn’t release that for four years, just like the FBI didn’t tell anybody about hard drive of Hunter for almost a year. What the heck are these people doing? But let me tell you: Thank goodness the news media is there to protect the people they support. Listen to this.

DAVID CHALIAN: This was Joe Biden, the same Joe Biden we saw on the campaign trail, the same Joe Biden we’ve seen governing for the last couple months.

JULIAN CASTRO: …the president struck a tone of moral leadership.

NAYYERA HAQ: …emphasized humanity over demonization of individuals.

VAN JONES: Biden stuck up for our humanity as well as our laws today.

JEFF ZELENY: President Biden gave a humane answer and he said, no, he would not turn that unaccompanied minor away.

CECILIA VEGA: There is a sense of humanity that he is talking about here, saying this is who we are, this is the America that we are; we’re not gonna turn these kids away.

JOHN KASICH: His demeanor was terrific. I mean, he was very calm and very likeable.

ANA NAVARRO: The level of humanity and decency and empathy that Joe Biden showed.

CLAIRE MCCASKILL: I think it’s very hard for anybody to watch that press conference, if you’re not a rabid partisan, and not think, “You know, I feel okay about this guy being in the Oval Office.”

KEN: I think it’s very hard for anybody to listen to those news journalists (raspberry) and say their head isn’t up their tail. As far as this, “He’s a got a great demeanor; he’s very likable,” did you ever read the Ted Bundy book? Don’t tell me about great, likable demeanors.


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