Can Male Cheerleaders Solve the NFL’s Image Problem?


RUSH: How about this: “Can Male Cheerleaders Help the NFL’s Image Problem?” It’s in Vanity Fair magazine. What’s happened here, the Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints have each hired a male cheerleader, gay, very attractive, very fit, it says here, and the question is, can male cheerleaders help the NFL’s image problem?

Now, there are NFL teams that have cheerleaders, and TV never shows them. You never see them. Not like you do at a college telecast. You never see them. Are the TV networks now going to show us the male cheerleaders? And, if so, is this going to solve the NFL’s image problem of players taking a knee during the national anthem and whatever other image problems they have? And Vanity Fair is posing that question seriously. Can male cheerleaders solve the NFL’s image problem? I’m speechless. Just speechless.


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