Democrats Try to Shut Down Their Campaign


RUSH: On another matter, the Democrats are trying to shut down their campaign. We had this yesterday. They’re trying to just basically make Bernie Sanders concede because of the coronavirus, it’s over. Well, we can’t do any more debates. We can’t bring the public in. We can’t even have NBA games. We’ll have to cancel the Masters. We’ll have to cancel all kinds of stuff ’cause of the coronavirus.

Gonna cancel the Major League Baseball season. If we’re gonna cancel the NBA season, how can we have baseball games? Then we gotta to cancel the NFL preseason. And we’re gonna have to cancel the NFL and the Hall of Fame. We’re gonna have to cancel everything because of the coronavirus.


RUSH: You could look on the bright side. The bright side here, the coronavirus bright side, people are starting to now see that borders are our friends if they are enforced. And people are starting to realize that the ChiComs ought not be making our medicine.

And there’s another thing. As the schools closed, Harvard is closed, Yale is disclosed, all these schools are shutting down. Guess what? Hello, homeschooling. That’s a positive. Or it can be. Anyway, I was gonna say the Democrats are trying to shut down their campaign. And the reason they’re trying to shut it down is ’cause they know that Biden can’t last more than 10 minutes in public. Can’t last more than 10 minutes on the stage. Can’t last more than 10 minutes in a debate.

So Clyburn and Carville and the rest of them are trying to pick up this refrain that it’s time to shut down the Democrat campaign. It’s over. Crazy Bernie can’t win. He can’t get enough delegates. Because of the coronavirus we need to shut down the democratic process. How about that?


RUSH: Anyway, back to the Democrats. Joe Biden desperate, the Democrats desperate to end this campaign ’cause there’s a debate Sunday night. There is a debate Sunday night between Crazy Bernie and Biden. And the Democrats are already saying, “Well, we’re not gonna let people in. We can’t.” But CNN’s supposed to televise it. You think CNN wants to give up the debate? So I don’t know if they’re gonna be able to cancel this Sunday night debate. Bernie’s gonna show up, and if Bernie shows up, CNN’s cameras will be there.

I have audio of the president this afternoon in the Oval Office.


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