Did You Hear What Jenna Ellis Said About Frank Luntz?


RUSH: Did you hear the insult Jenna Ellis had for Frank Luntz? You know, Jenna Ellis is on the Trump legal team, and she’s a fighter. A lot of people have mixed emotions about whether she’s old enough, experienced enough, whether she has the mettle to do this.

She has got her detractors and she has people that love her and think she’s doing a great job. Frank Luntz came out and said something about this press conference last Friday and how it was kind of a waste of time. She said, “Well, Frank Luntz wouldn’t know. He’s got a micropenis.” That’s exactly right. I don’t know how she knows. I think she probably is assuming.

Probably is… (interruption) No, not that, Dawn. No, no. That’s… No, no, no, not that. The other way.


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