Evidence of the Left’s March Toward Ending Elections


RUSH: A couple of weeks ago, and it might be three weeks ago now, I shocked many people in this audience unintentionally by predicting that at some point down the road the left is gonna figure out that the number one thing standing in their way to them acquiring perpetual power, which they think they are entitled to, the one thing standing in the way, they will conclude, is elections.

And it will be not long from now… Not next election and not 2020. It’s not gonna happen overnight. But it’s gonna happen. The left is going to start… In fact, they already have. I think part of what’s going on with this never-ending allegation that the Russians are tampering in every election is the baby steps that are being taken to establish a foundation upon which to build the belief that our elections are forever corrupt.

Because the Russians have become so easily involved, they’re so easily able to meddle. I mean, every election we have… The election in Ohio 12. The left is already saying that the Russians are involved. Bill Nelson, senator from Florida, is saying he just found out that the Russians have already tampered with the Florida election this November. Bill Nelson, our sitting senator, says he has got evidence the Russians have already gotten in there and did what they want to do. They’ve set the table for them to do what they want to do.

So you see, the left is doing everything it can to destroy the perceived integrity, the honesty, the trustworthiness of our electoral system. And it all began in earnest… I think the modern era of this began after the Florida 2000 recount. When the Supreme Court stopped the Democrats’ efforts to steal that election for Algore, the left had their series of cows, had their conniption fits, and began saying that Bush was illegitimate because he didn’t win that election; Algore did.

Therefore everything Bush did in his presidency was illegitimate, shouldn’t have happened. They’re doing the same thing with Trump now, the presidential election 2016. You know the drill: The Russians colluded with Trump. The Russians meddled. The Russians engineered the outcome in several states. You’ve got a bunch of people believing this, even though it isn’t possible.

Even though the Department of Justice has said as a result of the Mueller investigation, to this point they have no evidence that one vote was changed or that the outcome of any election was altered by virtue of whatever the Russians did, it doesn’t matter. The media and the Democrat Party has convinced an increasing number of Americans that the elections in 2016 and the elections of this year and ongoing in the future are now corrupt.

As I say, that’s building the foundation for getting rid of them. Now, the Democrats are gonna eventually win elections, and they’ll dial back a little bit. But they’re not gonna shelve this idea. I’ve had people say, “But, Rush, your theory really sounds intriguing until you realize the Democrats grown win some elections, and do you really think the Democrats are gonna continue this move toward getting rid of elections even after they win?”

Oh, yeah. Yeah. It’s not gonna stop, ’cause they’re gonna lose some too. And that’s not gonna be tolerable. They already have it in their mind that they should be winning every election out there because of other things in their mind. They think everybody hates Trump, everybody hates Republicans, everybody hates conservatives. You understand all this. Well, here’s what’s new to this today. It is an op-ed piece.

It’s an op-ed piece in the New York Times by Meagan Day and Bhaskar Sunkara. It takes a highly trained broadcast specialist to pronounce these names unrehearsed, ad-libbed, and get them right the first time. This is among the many things I’ve always cautioned: Don’t try this at home. I know we make it look easy, but don’t. (interruption) Yeah, it was the Chicago Bears. The Chicago Bears and the Baltimore Ravens played the Hall of Fame game that nobody can remember who won or lost ’cause very few people watched it.

“The subversion of democracy was the explicit intent of the framers.” Wait. What? “The subversion of democracy was the explicit intent of the framers.” “Think the Constitution Will Save Us? Think Again.” That’s the headline to this piece. The subhead: “The subversion of democracy was the explicit intent of the framers.” Now, that headline is designed to appeal to low-information, uninformed people, and the effect of that subheadline is to mean: Your vote doesn’t count!

The framers did not believe in full-fledged, open democracy because that’s majority rule. That’s why we set up a constitutional republic so that elected representatives represent swaths of people. But there is no direct democracy in the United States by design because it’s mob rule! A lot of people don’t understand this. They think that we are democracy. My favorite way of illustrating how we are not a democracy, is let’s say we have a group of five people. Three men… No! Three women and two men.

One of the three women makes a motion. “I motion that we put the two men in jail. Let’s have a vote.” The three women vote “yep;” the two men vote “no.” The two men lose, and they go to jail. That is a democracy. It’s pure mob rule. That’s what we don’t have. We have a representative republic. But these people writing this piece are not attempting to explain that. They’re trying to make you think that the framers of this country knew that elections and democracy needed to be subverted because we can’t trust the people.

That’s what this piece is attempting to say, that the Founding Fathers of this country knew that people were dumb, stupid, uninformed, uneducated, and could not be trusted, and therefore everything in our system is designed to subvert their desires. What do you think this piece is about? It’s foundation building toward the day of eliminating elections. Do not doubt me on this stuff no matter how radical it may sound to you.

Let’s ready some of the piece, shall we? “Consider a few facts: Donald Trump is in the White House, despite winning almost three million fewer votes than Hillary Clinton. The Senate, the country’s most powerful legislative chamber, grants the same representation to Wyoming’s 579,315 residents as it does to 39,536,653 Californians.” You see, it can’t possibly be fair. It just can’t be fair. How in the world can it be fair when Wyoming with only 600,000 people gets the same number of senators that California does with 40 million?

“Key voting rights are denied to citizens in the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and other United States territories. The American government is structured by an 18th-century text that is almost impossible to change. These ills didn’t come about by accident; the subversion of democracy was the explicit intent of the Constitution’s framers. For James Madison, writing in Federalist No. 10, ‘Democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention’ incompatible with the rights of property owners.

“The byzantine Constitution he helped create serves as the foundation for a system of government that rules over people, rather than an evolving tool for popular self-government.” This is one of the greatest bastardizations of the Constitution I have encountered, and its purpose is to suggest to people on the left who religiously read the New York Times — and other low-information or uneducated people — that our Constitution actually thwarts the will of the people. That our Constitution subverts your having a say in the way your government is running because the founders — these rich white guys — didn’t trust you.

You, Miss African-American! You, Miss Puerto Rican. You, Mr. Whatever. You, minority here, there, and even some of you stupid white people. They didn’t trust you! All of this is designed to misrepresent the Constitution, the founding, and to try to convince people that a bunch of rich white guys set up a government where only they and their descendants would be in possession of true power.

And, as such, it has to be blown up. But the problem, they go on, is the Constitution is too hard to change. It’s just too hard to change! These guys are really, really smart, these rich white guys. We have to take drastic action! Now, they don’t actually get to the point of suggesting eliminating elections. That’s not gonna come immediately. But it’s where all of this is headed.


RUSH: Let me share with you just a couple more things from this op-ed piece in the New York Times, “Think the Constitution Will Save Us? Think Again. … There’s a reason we’re the only developed country without guarantees such as universal health care and paid maternity leave.” Yep, the Constitution! The rich white guys that founded the country. They are the reason. “While preserving and expanding the Bill of Rights’s incomplete safeguards of individual freedoms…” These people are so full of it. That’s…

They don’t even understand the brilliance of the document. “While preserving and expanding the Bill of Rights’s incomplete safeguards of individual freedoms, we need to start working toward the establishment of a new political system that truly represents Americans. … establishing federal control over elections and developing a simpler way to amend the Constitution through national referendum.”

Establish federal control over elections.

In their minds, that means establish liberal or leftist control over elections, and that will eventually lead to getting rid of them.


RUSH: Again, now, the two writers of this piece, Meagan Day and Bhaskar Sunkara, they close by saying, “As long as we think of our Constitution as a sacred document, instead of an outdated relic, we’ll have to deal with its anti-democratic consequences.”

So, ladies and gentle, the Constitution is the single undying idea, unifying idea that binds us together. And here’s the left, the American left believing the Constitution is divisive. This is why we can never agree. This is why there is never any common ground. I mean, if we’re gonna take a look at the Constitution, and they see it as a dying relic that is anti-democratic and — in fact, you know, they call it anti-democratic when it is, in the sense that the founders did not want to establish mob rule.

The founders didn’t want to establish a situation in the U.S. Senate where the senators from California could render the senators from Wyoming irrelevant on every vote, why even have a senator from Wyoming. That’s why they did it is to give equal representation to everybody in the country. And most of these people doing the complaining are minorities in one way or another.

And they don’t have the slightest understanding that the Constitution of the United States is the greatest document ever. The greatest document ever written codifying and underscoring the powers of people in the minority.

This is the lone document in the history of nations that has given and granted powers and representation to minorities, not to mention enumerating their right to free speech where the government cannot shut up them up, the government cannot tell them what they can and cannot say, the government cannot infringe on their liberty.

The Constitution gives us the first 10 Amendments and the Bill of Rights so that even a unanimous vote in Congress is not enough to strip those God-given rights away because the rights enumerated in our Constitution don’t came from government; they come from God. It is a document for all time. And the fact that the American left now wants to use it as a building block to begin this process of eliminating the role of elections because they simply can’t win every one of them — do not doubt me this is where we’re headed.

And I’ll take this a step further. When we talk about the left and their grievances, what really are they? Where are we at this stage in our culture and society with all of the division, the lack of unity, seemingly drifting further and further apart. In my mind, there is a single — well, it’s more complicated than this, but there’s a really good, primary reason for all of this. And I believe that it all began with the idea of multiculturalism, because that is what has led to identity politics.

And identity politics has become so overwhelmingly the tool of the left, the identifying aspect of liberalism, that it shuts off all other information, debate, discussion, conversation.

When you tell people that they don’t have a prayer because of their skin color, when you tell ’em they don’t have a prayer because of their gender, when you tell them they don’t have a prayer because of their nation of origin, and that’s what the United States means, when you tell them the deck is forever stacked against them because of who they are on the surface, well, no wonder you create a bunch of angry people.

But this devotion the left has to identity politics is really the modern root of — as I say, it has various layers, and it’s a little bit more complicated than that. But perhaps you’ve heard of this psychiatrist or psychologist Jordan Peterson out of Canada who is taking audiences by storm. I’ve run name recognition tests by people. Some people have heard of him; some haven’t.

But one of the primary things that he apparently is opening people’s eyes on, young people in audiences, he’s finding a way to eliminate their devotion to identity politics. And when that happens, when you get rid of identity politics and all of its trappings, when you’re able to get people to stop thinking they’re screwed because of their skin color or they’re screwed because of their gender, when you’re able to convince people that that it doesn’t matter, you’re then able to open their minds on ideas, you’re able to have conversations with them, if you’re able to blow up the identity politics.

This is why the left is so desperate to cling to identity politics as the great dividing line. They’re using it to convince more and more people — that’s how they’re making people victims. It’s how they’re converting people into victim status. It’s how they’re persuading people to join the victim parade. And victimhood all comes from identity type characteristics. Your sexual orientation, your sexual preferences, your skin color.

And if it’s anything other than white, including female, if it’s anything other than white, then you have been victimized by the most unfair country on earth, and you must do something about it. Hence all of this stuff on college campus about exploring and obliterating white privilege and trying to convince as many white young men and women that they’re guilty just because they’re white and they’re guilty because their lineage traces to the founding of the country, which of course established a discriminatory power structure of only for primarily white men.

Even in this story here, “Think the Constitution Will Save Us? Think Again.” What is gonna save us? That’s exactly what has saved us. That is exactly what has maintained the United States of America as the beacon of freedom and hope, the last, best hope on earth. And here come a bunch of people that don’t understand it because — well, they maybe they do understand it and reject it because they don’t believe in individual liberty and freedom. Individual liberty and freedom cause trouble.

Anyway, keep a sharp eye, folks, because this is where this is all headed. The poisoning of minds on the integrity of our electoral system, it has a purpose. It’s not just because the Democrats lost in 2016, not just because Hillary lost. This is being done to force everybody to question every election result. Once that happens, once you have succeeded in making most people question every election result, well, then you’re free to investigate what happened in the election. You can turn your activists loose and you can find any number of things that went wrong and say, “You know what? We really did win.”

In Ohio, Cincinnati Enquirer, “Ohio race just got closer after county finds hundreds of undercounted or uncounted votes. The tight race between Democrat Danny O’Connor and Republican Troy Balderson just got tighter. Election officials in Franklin County found 588 previously uncounted votes in a Columbus suburb. The result: O’Connor had a net gain of 190 votes, bringing the race’s margin down to 1,564.”

What a shock. What a real shock. Whenever an election is close somehow the Democrats always find a big bag of votes somewhere. It happened with the Al Franken, Stuart Smalley election when he was running for the Senate in Minnesota. They find ’em in the trunk of a car. They find ’em underneath a church pew. Can somebody cite a case where a Republican has ever come from behind to win a close race after finding a bunch of uncounted votes? I can’t. Now, it may be the case, because who among us — even including me — can remember every election and story related to it?

“The votes from a portion of one voting location had not been processed into the tabulation system, according to a Franklin County Board of Elections news release.” Who are we to believe? Folks, this is the point. Once you have corrupted, once you have raised doubts, once you have caste a pall over the integrity of elections — and, believe me, that’s all that’s been done for the last year and a half. Maybe even longer than that, if you want to count all the people who were worrying about the outcome of the election because of Russian meddling before it happened in 2016.

So I think we’re safe in saying that there has been a two-year assault on the validity of the 2016 election, and it’s been rock solid. It’s been every day of every week of every month. Somewhere in the Drive-By Media there has been at least one story every day leading to or about the fraud, the meddling, the illegitimacy — however you want to describe it — of the 2016 election. This was as easy as pie to predict. Now we’ve already got Hollywood leftists claiming the Russians meddled in Ohio 12.

Because, you see, as hated as Donald Trump is, there simply isn’t any way the Republicans can win anything. “Trump is despised. He’s hated. People that voted for him are embarrassed. There’s no way! If the Republicans are winning elections, there’s gotta be fraud,” which is what they’re saying, which is what they’re trying to get people to believe. We’ve got a serious problem. We have a very, very serious problem on our hands. There isn’t an election down the road that’s gonna be thought of as fair. We don’t have…

I can’t see… With all the elections that are gonna happen in November, I hesitate to predict how many of ’em are gonna be alleged to be fraudulent, but it’s gonna be a significant number — and maybe the entire election! It depends on who wins. If the Democrats win, they’re still gonna raise hell about it. The Democrats are still gonna claim that there was cheating and meddling.

But what they’ll say then is that they need to keep winning because they found ways to overcome the meddling. The Democrats were the rightful winners anyway. They were gonna win; they should have won. The Russians tried to stop us from winning. I can hear Pelosi saying it now. I can hear Bill Nelson. “The Russians wanted us to lose, but we found out a way to sabotage their efforts.” This is only the beginning. Keep a sharp eye, as I say.


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