Guest Host Todd Herman



Topics Discussed on Today’s Guest-Hosted Excursion into Broadcast Excellence

IBD: Economic Boom: Media Rewrite History To Credit Obama Instead Of Trump
New York Times: In Connecticut, Ned Lamont Scores a Decisive Win, and Jahana Hayes Moves Closer to History
CBS: Kris Kobach Wins GOP Gubernatorial Primary in Kansas, a Week Later
Daily Caller: Liberal Women’s Group: Ellison Must Resign, Drop Out Of AG Race Following Domestic Abuse Allegations
Washington Examiner: DNC ‘Reviewing’ Deputy Chair Keith Ellison’s Abuse Allegations
PowerLine: In Massachusetts, No Gender Left Behind
Boston Herald: Howie Carr: Jim Lyons out-PCs the Democrats
Daily Signal: Colorado Targets Christian Baker Again Despite Supreme Court’s Cake Ruling
Breitbart: CNN’s Cuomo Defends Antifa Attacks on Police, Press — ‘Fighting Hate Is Right’
Wall Street Journal: Police Seek Motive Behind Suspected Attack on U.K. Parliament. Driver of Car that Rammed into Barriers in Westminster Named Locally as Salih Khater
ABC: London Authorities Mull Making Car-Free Area Around Houses of Parliament After Alleged Terror Attack
CNN: Report Details Sexual Abuse by More than 300 Priests in Pennsylvania’s Catholic Church


Todd Herman filled in for Rush. Check out Todd’s Stack for links and audio.

UK Government Office Knew About Mass Rape Gangs Decade Before Investigating
Daily Wire: AP: Black Americans Aren’t Buying Omarosa’s Turn Against Trump
USA Today: Smoke, Carbon Monoxide from California Wildfires Drifting All the Way to the East Coast








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