Hillary Paid for Steele Dossier, We’re Paying for Mueller Dossier


RUSH: Okay. We have a little bit of news about one of the Mueller filings today that the Drive-By Media’s been eagerly anticipating. They think Mueller’s gonna file some things today that will open people’s eyes about where he’s headed for his ultimate report.

Rudolph “Rudy” Giuliani says that Mueller is going to accuse Manafort of lying to them about Trump and specifically Giuliani says that Mueller is going to report that they believe Manafort lied when he told investigators that Trump didn’t know about the Trump Tower meeting with the Russian honeypot that was set up — it was a phony setup meeting in the first place. This is this meeting where a Russian PR guy calls Donald Trump Jr., “Hey, we got some dirt on Hillary Clinton. You want to hear it?”

And they said, “Yeah, come by Trump Tower and meet us.” And they show up and they want to talk about Russian adoption, the Magnitsky Act with that Russian honeypot lawyer, the Veselnitskaya babe. And Manafort told Mueller under penalty of perjury and going to jail for two lifetimes that Trump didn’t know about it. And apparently Giuliani says that Mueller is gonna report, “We didn’t believe it. We think Trump knew about it and we think Manafort’s lying to us.” So expect more stuff like that as the days goes on.


RUSH: Michael in Reno, Nevada, you’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, you make such a great and salient point about the fact that the Mueller investigation is being paid for and funded by our taxpayer dollars. I think that’s something everybody’s taking for granted. Until you said it, I hadn’t even thought about that.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I guarantee you that 99% of America, if you told them, would not want their money spent on that. There’s no way.

RUSH: Well, it is kind of important. When you realize that the Clinton effort to get Trump, the dossier, she paid for that. The Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee paid for the dossier. That was then used. (chuckles) I still marvel at that. They used to a phony, nothing-in-it-that’s-true dossier as legitimate intelligence collected by people like the CIA, and then they take that dossier to the FISA court and get warrants to spy on Trump people, and the whole thing is lies and not one word of it was written by intelligence people;e. Well, it was written by intelligence people.

It was made up primarily by British and Russian intelligence people and paid for by Hillary Clinton. The Mueller dossier, the Mueller report — which is nothing more than opposition research on Donald Trump — is paid for by the United States government! The United States government is working on the next dossier. That’s called the Mueller report, and guess who’s payin’ for that? It ain’t Hillary Clinton. The money for Mueller and his dossier — i.e., the report forthcoming — is being paid for by American taxpayers.

Now, American taxpayers pay for everything. So I don’t know how much impact that’s gonna have on it. But it’s still striking to me that the United States government is now working on an opposition research document designed to ruin, destroy, defeat, whatever Donald Trump.


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