Mass Murderer Mao Over Harold Ford’s Mantle


RUSH: Here is the Harold Ford photo. Switch it over there, Brian. Now, if you look at the far left of the screenshot there, that’s Harold Ford there in the right center. Look at far left over his fireplace, a picture, a portrait of Mao Tse-tung painted by Andy Warhol. And, by the way, that looks like a pretty nice New York apartment.

Now, I’m assuming it’s New York. I know Harold Ford works on Wall Street or has. He’s from Tennessee. I don’t know if he still has a residence in Tennessee or not, but I’m telling you, as a former resident of New York, those digs are not cheap, if in fact they’re in New York. But man, oh, man, I’ve not seen that. I’ve not seen the portrait of Mao Tse-tung. He’s a mass murderer, cultural revolutionist, mass murderer and he’s got a place of honor in Harold Ford’s home.

Man, oh, man. These people have further gone to the left than even I knew. And I’m perhaps the most aware person in America of liberalism, the American left. I really am. I think I’ve been on these people longer than anybody, and I’ve been sounding the clarion call longer than anybody.


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