Meanwhile, Ukraine Releases Records of Hunter Biden Payments


RUSH: By the way, folks, Ukrainian officials yesterday released records of every Hunter Biden payment from Burisma holdings in Ukraine. There were 38 payments. This is information from the Ukrainian government.

There were 38 payments of $83,300 every month paid to Hunter Biden. That totaled $3.165 million. All of this was paid to Hunter Biden from Burisma while his dad was vice president. Democrats don’t want anybody talking about that, don’t want anybody referencing that. Millions of dollars in payment to Hunter Biden. This is what Trump wanted, in part, investigated.

I watch this stuff, and I rely on my faith in the American people to be able to weed through this. I know that it’s going to affect some. But they are not securing enough audience, because this is boring. Boring. There’s nothing. There’s no drama here. There’s no bombshell news. The woman doesn’t know anything. All she has is how she feels, and that’s because she’s a sympathetic figure.


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