Merry Christmas! All of You Out There Mean So Much to Us


RUSH: This has become a tradition here on the last show before Christmas, Silent Night, Mannheim Steamroller. I don’t want to talk over too much of it, but the last caller, you know, I say this every year, I mean it more every year. I know the program means a lot to people. It means a lot to me, all of us here and my family.

But, folks, honestly, I wish there were another way to say it, but I don’t know of any other better way. Whatever this program has meant to you over these 30 years, it pales in comparison to what you being there every day has meant to all of us. ‘Cause without you, there is no program and all of this doesn’t ever happen.

So I cannot thank you enough. I want you to know that you are actively thought of every day, appreciated, programmed to. Every one of you in our thoughts each and every day here. And, by the way, climate change is a hoax. Man-made climate change is a hoax. American made climate change is a hoax. It’s bunk. It’s bogus. Don’t doubt me. And we love you.

Merry Christmas, everybody. Happy New Year’s Eve and all that.


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