Obama Endorses Trudeau, Not Biden


RUSH: Hey, did you all see that Obama endorsed Justin Trudeau, this wacko Canadian prime minister who loves to dress up in blackface? Well, he did. He endorsed Trudeau. So now there are some people running around asking, “Well, wait! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Why won’t he endorse Plugs? If he’s gonna endorse the guy in Canada, why will he not endorse Biden?” (chuckles) Let me tell you something, folks.

If anybody knows Plugs, it would be The One, and it’s quite telling. But it’s also true that Obama’s not gonna endorse anybody because his wife may yet decide she wants to run. I mean, it’s a long shot, yeah, but — and he’s not gonna endorse anybody during the primaries, either. I don’t think that would sit well. It’s really not that unusual. But I like people trying to make hay out of it nevertheless.


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