Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Equality


RUSH: On Monday, the Indianapolis Scar apologized to readers for a drawing.

It was an editorial cartoon that poked a little fun at Christine Blasey Ford for her multiple demands, before she agreed to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The cartoon depicted her sitting before the Senate panel, listing her wants: no questions from lawyers, dim lights, roses, sparkling water, and a bowl of green M&Ms.

Of course, that mild kidding sent the humorless left into orbit. So much so, that the newspaper groveled. And then apologized, they did both.

But there have been no apologies from any newspapers to Judge Kavanaugh or his family for publishing unfounded smears all over their front pages. Allegations that haven’t been corroborated by a single human being.

Likewise, no apologies from the Hollywood celebrities, drive-by-media pundits, or elected Democrats, who’ve already passed judgement without a shred of evidence.

Trying to destroy a man’s life is perfectly okay for liberals. But poking a little fun at a woman – a liberal woman, that is – is totally off limits.

That’s the left’s version of equal rights.

A little news update: Michael Avenatti says now there might not have been a ‘rape train’ involving Kavanaugh. Details later.

I’m not kidding, he just said that. The guy got played. Whoever did this is brilliant. Where ever Avenatti was hanging out, at some strip club, somebody came up and said “I got somebody, that can tell you…” He’s retracted it, he’s locked his twitter account.


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