Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Just Believe


RUSH: On Saturday, September 29, two police officers responding to a “shots fired” call in Brookhaven, Mississippi, were murdered. They were buried October 3 and 4.

On October 5, Brookhaven High School held a home football game in their grieving town. They hosted the visiting Forest Hill High from Jackson, whose band performed a halftime show.

Photos show the visiting band’s students in costumes holding fake rifles aimed at other Jackson students dressed as SWAT team members. The “police” are cowering on the ground, as the band played.

The photos went viral. The town of Brookhaven is outraged. Jackson Public Schools Superintendent Errick Greene explained the performance was loosely based on a Denzel Washington movie. The Jackson school district released a statement professing great respect for law enforcement. They apologized for the “insensitive” performance. The band director has been placed on leave.

So what’s next? Will those involved in this show get endorsement deals from Nike, because they believed in something, and were willing to sacrifice everything for it? Just what does anybody in that stadium have in common with that presentation, hmm?


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