Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Not The End?


RUSH: New York Times columnist Roger Cohen is a Drive-By-Media veteran. He was brave enough to tell his deranged liberal readers: “This Is Not the End of Trump.”

Liberals have been drooling over the Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort plea deals with Robert Mueller. They’ve been celebrating the primary wins of their radical-kook-progressive candidates. And, thanks to Drive-By-Media polls, they think Trump’s approval is in the toilet.

They really believe Trump is finally finished this time, that the midterms are already over, that Democrats have won the House, probably will win the Senate, and impeachment is a sure bet.

Roger Cohen thinks not. He knows the Democrat party is out of touch with the America that elected Trump. He warns liberals that with a booming economy, President Trump has a great chance of being re-elected in 2020. Even if Democrats do gain the House, impeachment will go nowhere in the Senate and will just energize Trump’s base.

Now, Cohen makes sense, which is exactly why he will not convince liberals. Trump hate is all they know. It’s all that animates them And all they want to know! So they are ripe for the picking.


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