Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Public Charge!


RUSH: New York liberals are in a full-blown panic over a new rule being considered by the Trump administration.

According to this new rule, people cannot become legal permanent residents in America if they rely on government welfare. Legal residents must be able to sustain themselves. The left thinks that’s outrageous.

Actually, the law has been on the books for over 100 years. The Trump administration is just planning to enforce it.

But according to the New York Times, this could hurt a million people living in New York City. Now let that sink in. One million immigrants in New York City are dependent on some form of welfare.

Those government benefits include direct-cash payment, food stamps, housing subsidies, transit subsidies, low-income tax credits, and more.

New York liberals are livid. They say enforcing the law would humiliate immigrants and hurt their children. Governor Cuomo is threatening to sue.

Well, how about the taxpayers stuck paying for people who would never be here if our laws were enforced in the first place? There’s zero concern for them. Did you hear about Lena Dunham? Celebrates her hysterectomy with nude photos? This is just stupid. All of this is just stupid.


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