Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Throw In!


RUSH: Over the weekend, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren helped extend the Democrat hit-job on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Pocahontas claims that after she watched the hearing featuring Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s, she thought: “Time’s up.” Meaning, time’s up for men. She said she saw a bunch of powerful men helping another powerful man achieve a higher position of power.

This did not sit well with Pocahontas.

Pocahontas says it’s time for women to take over Washington and fix the broken government. Above all, she said we need a woman on top.

Quick aside: I assume some guys would agree with that. But I digress. Don’t want to picture it…

The senator says she’s worried “down to her bones” about what Donald Trump is doing to America. After the November 6 midterms, she’ll take a hard look at deciding whether to run against him for President.

Pocahontas, why wait?

If you’re so sure we need a woman on top in the Oval Office, if you’re so sure you can fix what’s broken in Washington and save America from Donald Trump, why not throw your tomahawk into the ring right now and announce?

We are waiting. Actually we can wait. Please do it!


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