The Days of America as the World’s Piggy Bank Are Over


RUSH: Reuters, folks, Reuters. Presidents, they’re supposed to forget all the horrible things said about them in campaigns and hire these amazing people anyway. That is the operative, ongoing theory. Ah, Republicans are not supposed to, presidents are not supposed to pay attention to that stuff. Well, it’s about time they did! It’s like all these former Obamaites in the media going nuts over Trump supposedly disrespecting our trading partners at the G7. They’ve got it all wrong.

The days of the United States being the piggy bank for the world are over! Trump campaigned on this. This isn’t anything new. This isn’t anything people should be surprised about. Trump made a big deal out of trade imbalances and trade deals. And it’s been obvious for the longest time that not only G7, G8, G20, United Nations, the rest of the world looks at the United States as a provider.

And we have had administration after administration and political energy for I don’t know how long that simply agreed with that premise for whatever silly reasoning. “Well, it’s not fair, we’re such a big economy. It’s not fair, we’re such a large superpower. So, yeah, we’ll let other people have some of what we have.” Well, every time that happens it costs the American taxpayer.

These are not poor countries that we’re talking about, Canada, the United Kingdom, the rest of the G7. But the idea that the United States is a piggy bank and that it’s open and that we have some sort of a duty to run trade deficits with people to lose money with them, where did that start? Well, as far as Trump’s concerned, those days are over. And he campaigned on it. And it makes 100 percent total sense.

If we could get to the end of these trade imbalances, we wouldn’t need tariffs or taxes or any of these other punitive deals; we could have genuine, fair, and free trade. But, you know, where is it written the United States is supposed to take it on the chin in these deals? And what this is, I’ll tell you, it’s no more complicated than Donald Trump looking out for the average American citizen, whereas the Washington political class really hasn’t and doesn’t.

They just expect you to follow along and go along ’cause there’s nothing you can do to stop it anyway because all of this is way above your pay grade. “You can’t possibly comprehend trade deals. You can’t possibly understand the macro and microagreements and policies that we have with our trading partners. It’s just beyond you to understand it. That’s why we are here. We are your betters; we are your superiors.”

And for Trump it’s not about that at all. It’s not about class. It’s not about elites. It’s about America not being the joke of the world. It’s about America not being Santa Claus to the rest of the world. It’s about people paying their own way and carrying their own weight and so forth. And look at the reaction. When Donald Trump asserts a position, domestically, foreign policy-wise, when he asserts a position that is a testament to America’s power and greatness and to fairness, look at the reaction. It is unhinged and it’s deranged.

And this is because it’s just been this way for who knows how long. This is the way it’s always been done. Trump got elected on the premise that the way it’s always been done has not been good for America. And he’s in the process of reversing this. And he is succeeding. And look at, as I say, unhinged reaction from people upset that economic circumstances for all Americans are improving.

You would think that there would be robust happiness, that people would want to get behind this, ’cause we’ve all believed all of our lives that that’s what Washington was, looking out for us. Well, now we see that that’s not necessarily been the case. We’ve been the stooges. We’ve been the ones expected to pay for all of this. They’re not using their money to run these trade imbalances. And we’re supposed to smile and say, “This is what being an American means.”


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