The Democrat Candidates a Mess


RUSH: So the onslaught continues in the Drive-By Media’s incoherent attack, popularized by Laurence Tribe now claiming that Trump wants to reverse the outcome of the Civil War. But the truth of the matter, ladies and gentlemen… The truth of the matter is on the other side of the aisle. Here’s a little story that will never show up in the Drive-By Media. Stephen Green, PJ Media. “Democrats Seemed Bored with Their Presidential Candidates.” You know it’s bad when Joe Biden’s brain surgeon has to come out and assure everybody that Biden’s brain is okay despite the fact he doesn’t know when Martin Luther King and JFK and the others were assassinated.

Joe thinks that happened in the late seventies. So a brain surgeon comes out and says, “No, no, no, no! Joe’s brain is fine. Don’t anybody be concerned about it.” There’s nobody excited. They’re not drawing any crowds. The Fauxcahontas crowd was not 12,000 as reported. It was 5,000. Still bigger than 700. Jay Inslee! Jay Inslee… In fact, this is a warning sign up for Democrats. There is a Democrat who can see reality. We have to take note when it happens. There is a Democrat who obviously looked out there and saw reality and is reacting to it.

He’s getting out of the race, claiming he has no prayer. He’s so far ahead of the game for all the other Democrats, and now he’s gonna work tirelessly — he’s gonna devote everything he’s got — to propagandize (educate) the youths of America on the perils and importance of climate change. But that was his whole agenda. It was Jay Inslee’s whole agenda! We were led to believe that the massive base of the Democrat Party is scared to death and wants climate change. That’s the number one issue they are concerned with — and the first guy to drop out, the first significant candidate to drop out of the Democrat primaries’ number one issue was climate change.

The mess is on the Democrat side of the aisle.


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