The “Whisteblower” Just Proves the Deep State Spies on Trump


RUSH: So I checked the email. “Rush, you’re forgetting about the whistleblower aspect.” No, I’m not. Folks, I haven’t forgotten about the whistleblower. Let me give you the latest on the whistleblower. The whistleblower is a plant. The whistleblower does not have firsthand knowledge of the call between Trump and the Ukrainian president. But, folks, I want to take you back to last week.

None of this matters. Even Phil Mudd, who doesn’t like Trump, he’s a Never Trumper for the Washington establishment, a CIA former deputy director, he’s at CNN. And he was bothered by this because what it effectively means is that the intelligence community is out there spying on Trump, monitoring his phone calls and then whispering or leaking the contents to somebody in the media.

And it infuriates him because Trump alleged this during the campaign and they all reacted like Trump was an idiot and a paranoiac. “Who in the world does he think he is? He’s not important. We’re not spying. The intelligence community did not tap Trump Tower’s wires.” Well, this documents that they did and that they do. Maybe not that they did, but we know that they were. They were spying on Trump. Comey was spying on Trump. Everybody was spying on Trump. We know that Trump was a target of all of this collusion and otherwise, you know, obstruction efforts that they were trying to impeach Trump on or reverse the election results.

A president can say whatever he wants to somebody. “Yeah, Rush, well, even though he didn’t commit a crime, it doesn’t mean he didn’t do something wrong.” Well, there is not even the alleged crime here. People are trying to say it’s an impropriety. But we don’t even know what the whistleblower said, he did not directly, he or she did not directly overhear the conversation. That’s not the point. The point is the president is being spied on by the deep state.


RUSH: Okay. I checked the email during the break here. Got an interesting one here. “Dear Mr. Limbaugh, you are brilliant. However –” Why is there always a qualifier? You’re brilliant, you’re smart, but — you’re brilliant, you’re smart, however.

“Here’s the part I’m having a tough time reconciling with what you are talking about today about Biden and Trump. On one hand, we have this big scandal. Got the whistleblower and the Ukrainian president, which I can only imagine was designed to give the Democrats a stronger reason for impeachment, meaning some whistleblower claims an intel person to overhear Trump trying to get the Ukrainian ambassador to do something. And the whistleblower calls the inspector general, says the president’s cheating. Well, now we’ve learned the whistleblower may not have directly heard what the whistleblower claims to have heard.”

Look, the president can talk to whoever he wants to. There is no permanent investigator of the president. There is no constant Robert Mueller investigating every day the president or the presidency. And I’ll damn well tell you this. The intelligence communities of this country are not the official overseer of the presidency. But they’ve set themselves up this way starting in 2016 as active participants in the silent coup to get rid of Trump.

So back to the email. “On one hand we have this big scandal, the whistleblower, the Ukrainian president, which I can only imagine was designed to give the Democrats stronger reason for impeachment. However, as you’ve brilliantly indicated, it seems to be an effort to remove Biden.

“So my question: Is this a brilliant effort to impeach Trump that is backfiring on the Democrats? Or is this a brilliant effort to get rid of Biden? Or, are the leftists just blindly rooting around like pigs in slop looking for truffles and occasionally they stumble on something? I am confused, Mr. Limbaugh, about the original motivation and the actual intent. Is it possible the Democrats think they can get a twofer, get rid of Plugs and have a reason to impeach Trump?”

Good questions. Because we do have two things going on here. We have the original report, whistleblower claims to have overheard Trump doing something that he shouldn’t have done, saying something he shouldn’t have said, making a deal he shouldn’t have made, he’s committing a treasonous impeachment offense. The whistleblower makes the report, the Drive-Bys react as predictably as anybody would think they would. They blow a gasket. They demand that Trump be impeached. This is it. This is the final straw out of how many final straws have there been? This is the last straw. There have been 15 last straws.

And then, in the middle of that reaction comes the smack-upside-the-head reality that what it really is all about is Joe Biden. Yeah, Trump may have asked the Ukrainian president to investigate, but investigate what? Well, the “what” is a deal that Joe Biden bragged about to the Council on Foreign Relations to try to stop an investigation of a deal and his son that was arranged between him and Ukraine — and there was a similar one with Biden and the Chinese — to enrich his son Hunter.

So the question, how did this thing start? Did this start with a bunch of tunnel vision people that want to get Trump no matter what and they didn’t stop to think what the impact on Biden would be? Or is this a deep psychological play, that the original intent is to get rid of Plugs while making it look like Trump is the target? Or is it an attempt by somebody to do both? Well, time will tell. Time will answer this.

I really do believe, based on the tweet I shared earlier from Paul Sperry about Jeffrey Toobin, all these Drive-Bys think it’s outrageous that a foreign government would be asked to interfere. (laughing) They ever heard of Obama and Hillary and the Russians? Are they that dumb? Are they that blind? Are they that tunnel visioned? And I think the answer is it’s entirely possible that their range of knowledge is so narrow and so focused that anything outside it doesn’t get in.

I think it’s entirely possible this was what they think is an effort to get Trump that may end up doing the exact opposite. It could be a twofer, but if it’s a twofer, somebody running this thing has really got some grandiose plan here. I don’t know who that would be, but it’s worth thinking about.


RUSH: Now, there’s another way of looking at this whole Ukrainian whistleblower thing, and that’s from the Democrat perspective. And we cannot forget that. The way the Democrats are looking at this, they’re looking at the Mueller witch hunt as having won them the House in 2018. It’s a sideline bonus. The Mueller witch hunt was designed to get rid of Trump.

I mean, they really believed that Mueller and his team of Hillary loving lawyers were gonna find something and the idea that Mueller handed off an impeachment document, which is what Nadler and Schiff, Pencil Neck have all been trying to arrange since then, but the Mueller investigation itself for two and a half years, folks, they lied to the American people.

You know the American people believed it. The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, for two years — I know you’re blue in the face hearing me say this. All those multiple reports a day that Trump colluded, that Trump cheated, that Trump’s a traitor. It led people in a poll, 42% say they think Russia tampered with voting machines.

Anyway, the Democrats are looking at all that as worth it. May not have gotten rid of Trump, but we won the House. So here comes the Ukrainian witch hunt whistleblower thing. It’s another witch hunt trying to get some life out of this and they’re simply going back to the playbook. So Trump is a traitor, Trump is a cheat, Trump is unqualified. They’re just recycling with another event.

This is not Trump-Russia collusion. This is Trump-Ukraine collusion to take out old Joe. What a mean guy. Old Joe can’t do anything to anybody. Old Joe doesn’t even know where he is half the time. Old Joe is just Joe, you know, makes some gaffes, says some stupid things. It’s just Joe. And here comes that meany, here comes that brute, Trump, trying to take him out.

So the Democrats are looking at this, if it worked once with the American people, why won’t it work again? So from their perspective, whether this is real or not is not the point. They’ve got the media and the media can make it appear to be real and so that’s what they’re hoping, hoping they can strike gold a couple of times with this.


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