What’s Next After Impeachment?


RUSH: You know, my friends, I am never locked in the moment. I am always thinking ahead. It’s one of the frustrating things, by the way. I don’t get stuck in the present because the present is where the deception is. And as we now know, there’s always the next phase. This impeachment is gonna bomb. All right? Trump is not going to be convicted.

I don’t care what happens between now and when that happens, it’s gonna be a bunch of stuff the media’s gonna try to make you think is big and the Democrats are winning and the Republicans are being unfair because they got something to hide because everybody knows Trump did it, but, when this is all over, Trump is going to be acquitted.

So what’s next? ‘Cause there is gonna be something next. When this impeachment fiasco gets buried, what’s the next psychodrama? Are we gonna have another whistleblower? Is somebody gonna magically find, after Trump’s acquitted, some new evidence on this Ukraine phone call? Or is it gonna be something entirely different?

Is it gonna be another phone call about something else but still related to foreign policy that somebody’s gonna leak? Because, if you think this is it, well, then you haven’t learned the Democrats and the left and the Drive-By Media like I have. They’ve got a bunch of stuff left in their back pockets. And I don’t know what it is, obviously.

Will there be new Ukraine pop-ups? Will there be Stormy Daniels 3, Michael Cohen version 2.5? They’ve got 10 months. And these people cannot stand normalcy, the Democrats. They cannot stand days going by that are, frankly, normal where nothing in Washington is happening to distract anybody.

There has to be a scandal. There has to be something that’s got everybody all stirred up. And I don’t know what it is. Maybe as we get closer there will be some signs of what it is, because what’s gonna happen as we get closer to the end of this — and the obvious end is the acquittal — as we approach that, we might get some indication of where they’re heading next because they won’t be able to help themselves.

But one thing we know, from the moment the votes were counted on election night, Donald Trump has been in crisis. Donald Trump has been in the crosshairs. Donald Trump is being investigated. From the moment he won the election, there has been something. There hasn’t been a day off. And there won’t be. And I think they are digging their own grave every day they do this. But they don’t.


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